Is vShare Working Properly ?Update Note 03.12.2019

According to our practical knowledge vShare still not working properly.But we can download and install the application on your Android smart device indeed.You can use our downloading page and try yourself this too.After you have done this exploit please try to launch this application.If it is working properly,vShare has been fixed.Please use the following downloading button to get reach to the download page.

Previously vShare was the best ever third party app store.This app store contained a bulk of free apps and Games.Let’s look the brief overview on this amazing application.

  • Games
  • Apps
  • Live
  • Wallpaper
  • Ringtone

Even though this application is not working properly ,some features are working properly.Go to drop down menu and you can try one by one .What are the working features actually ?please check it out.

  • APK Manager
  • Device Speed Up

Hence you should use this application and experience what are the other working features and disconnecting features.


Due to vShare still install able we have a trust that owners will be released the fixed version of this application in near future.

Why you should use vShare ?

  • 100% free app store
  • All contained apps and games are free to download
  • No ads
  • Small in size
  • No need to jailbreak or Root
  • Conditions free

Therefore all users who live in any kind of socioeconomic status will be able to use vShare indeed.,

vShare Alternatives

  • TutuApp
  • AppValley
  • PandaHelper

We can mention as the most trusted third party apps stores that you can use instead of vShare.You can trustfully use above applications.Those mentioned three applications are functioning properly and all contained apps and games are free to download.Take a look and give a comment.

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