The Best vShare Alternative In 2021-Cydia

Specifically vShare stands to give you a tons of free & latest apps and games without any conditions.

But this effort is not about vShare or its contains.

Cydia is the main target of this article and finally you will be able to use Cydia & all jailbreak tweaks.

Actually what is Cydia ?

And how can I use it ?

Is Cydia legal ?

Can I use Cydia without jailbreak ?

So here we have all answers on your problems.

Firstly make sure that you are an Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch device user.

What is Cydia ?

Cydia is a app store which you can install on your Apple device with a Jailbreak.

What is iOS Jailbreak ?

iOS jailbreak is the process of breaking your device software restrictions.

You can use a jailbreak tool.

This will help you to install Cydia.

Is Cydia Legal ?

Yes indeed.

Can you use Cydia without jailbreak ?

Not at all.

You can’t use Cydia without jailbreak.

Is Cydia Free ?

100% free.

Therefore do not provide your Creditcard details at all.

What is a jailbreak tool ?

So we can define a jailbreak tool as the key.

You must use different tools on your particular iOS firmware.

Thus a particular jailbreak tool you can’t use on all iOS firmwares.


If you are going to jailbreak your device,

Firstly take a backup of your device.

Secondly make sure your device fully charged.

Thirdly confirm that your Wi-Fi connection is working properly.

Cydia App Features

Available all jailbreak tweaks.

And you can change themes as you wish.

A bulk of unofficial apps & Games.

You can change functionalities.

Moreover you can customize your iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch device as you wish.

After you read all our contrasts on Cydia and iOS jailbreak,you may willing to read about vShare too.

vShare also a good third party free app store.

Main differentiation between vShare & Cydia is Jailbreak requirement.

vShare doesn’t require jailbreak.


Cydia is the best way to use unofficial apps and games on Apple devices.

Completely free to use.

No money required.

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