The Best vShare Alternative In 2023.

vShare is the best ever we used third party app store that all iOS device users can use instead of Apple’s app store indeed.

This amazing app store always provides free as well as payable apps and games according to the users preferences.

Today we’re gonna give you details of another most famous as well as freely available app store which you can use on your iDevices.

3uTools is the name of this app store that you have been waiting for so far.

Actually 3uTools is not only an App store but also an iOS managing tool.

Using this iOS managing tool you can manage all iPhones/iPads which have been released so far.

This tool have an app store which same as your iDevice App store.

Most important fact about 3uTools’s app store is all available apps and games are 100% free.

So you don’t want to pay for this app store.

Where we are not going to give you details only about 3uTools app store but you can gain a great knowledge about the other services of this tool too.

3uTools V2.63 Download

What is 3uTools ?

3uTools is an iOS managing free tool.

This tool supports on Windows running computers.

You can manage most of features of your iPhone/iPad through this bridge.

How can you use 3uTools ?

As we previously mentioned this tool supports on Windows running computers.

First you should download and install 3uTools on your PC/Laptop.

Then connect your iDevice to the computer using an USB cable.

Then your device will be detected by 3uTools.

Now you can apply any service on your device that available with the tool.

Once your device connected with this tool, your device details will be display on the screen.

Where you can check your device details very easily.

Moreover you can check whether your iDevice a real one or fake one.

3uTools Services Except The App Store

As our main topic 3uTools is an App store on iDevice users too.

But this is a very tiny part from it’s services.

You can use this app store as an alternative on vShare indeed.

But more other benefits available as follow.

  • Back up & Restore.
  • Screen Recording.
  • iOS upgrade.
  • iOS jailbreak.
  • Wallpapers download.
  • Making your own Ringing tones.
  • Check Your iDevice Verification Reports.
  • Check your iDevice malwares.

So these are very common services of 3uTools.

But you can experience more other services for free.

  • 3uAirPlayer
  • Customize iDevice
  • Change your iDevice icons

How To Download & Install 3uTools

3uTools download and install complete tutorial guide you can catch up with our previous article.

Please follow the guide through following link.

3uTools Latest Version Download & Install

This tools latest version available now V2.63 with latest updates as well as newly added features.

So you can experience all available feature with newly released 3uTools version.

How To Use 3uTools App Store On Your iPhone/iPad.

This is very simple process.

First you must connect your device to the PC that you have installed the tool.

After complete the connection go to the Apps section.

Then search the app or game that you are looking for.

Now click Install.

Where you should Bind with your Apple ID.

Provide your Apple ID and Password.


If you are not interested with vShare App store , please turn back to the 3uTools.

The best recommend as well as 100% functioning iOS supportive only app store is 3uTools for 2023.

Therefore you can use this app store as an alternative for vShare in 2023 indeed.

If you have any update plaese share with us.

Thank you.

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