Privacy policy collect and deal with your personal data extremely for provision & fulfill our service for our users.We are highly affiliated to protect your personal data under act of Spanish Laws of the protection of personal data and regulation 2016/679.This act was approved in 2016 at the Europian Parliment.

All data that we collect will be kept very confidentially till we provide our service according to your requests.Moreover we are collecting your informations with your consent and will not be collected your highly personal data.All data will be protected from deletion,unauthorized access or misusing.

Purpose Of Data Collection

All data we collect from you only for provide our service for you.Where we have affiliated to give fruitfull feedbacks related to your requests or FAQs.You can ask questions via commenting area or email with [email protected] always stands for you.Only we need your email address and your name.Therefore you don’t need to provide any other information for us.

Data Types we collect

As we previously indicated this website we are maintaining and updating only for your educational purpose.Therefore we do not collect your Credit card details or any other billing information at all.When you are using this website if you face to such type of data collection,please notice that extremely can’t be us.Therefore do not provide any personal information except your email address and name.

Retention period of your data

We are using your email address and user name to give you our feedbacks.Therefore until you connect with us we have to keep those data with us.If you are not willing to join with us furthermore,please inform us via an email and we will remove all your personal data from our platform as soon as possible.

Passwords & user ID

We do not collect your device password or any user ID to download and install any product that we have been providing educational guidelines.

Important Notice

Via this website we are doing only providing an educational & Tutorial guidance for service needed users.Except those purposes we are not selling or promoting any product via this website.Except vShare we are providing an educational guide another third parti apps.All those apps also not our products and we are not directly affiliated with those apps and contains as well as owners of those apps.Hence all copyright rights must own for those product owners and we just doing share our knowledge with our website users.We are highly against for all copyright contents copied websites and persons.Such type of law breaking contents we are not publishing or sharing via our website.Therefore if we are doing such type of law breaking things ,you can take legal actions against us as the owners of these products. Educational & Tutorial Website

As we previously said this website is an educational website.We are providing on difference ways our educational guides.So we are highly inform that all products that we provide our educational guides not our original products and we have not been published any copyright contents via this website.And we are not directly affiliated with any product and we are only providing our educational service for our users without harming to copyright owners.