CotoMovies is another great third party movie streaming application which available on both iOS and Android smart devices.Once you install this application on your smart device you will realize that this is the best one to watch your favorite movies and TV shows.Currently this application is control under some reconciliations and it will be fixed in next few months.Hence where we do not provide you the downloading button until the application getting finished its all amendments.Till then we would like to introduce another same features possessing movie streaming application called MovieBox PRO.Please use the downloading button to go to the page which you can directly download this application.

However this CotoMovies application was a great application in its working time due to below points.

  • Well categorized Movies & TV Shows are easy to download and search out
  • Regularly updating gives you a fresh beginning with the latest Movies & TV shows
  • All movies are downloadable and online watching will not charge
  • Watch movies online as well as offline
  • All related subtitles also available
  • Free downloads easy to perform
  • Direct download links will be directed to the only download
  • Fewer ads help to navigate your target without delaying

What we provided points will be joined to MovieBox PRO too.Because this application also behaving as same as CotoMovies.Hence what you need to get from CotoMovies you can get from MovieBox PRO as same indeed.

What are the MovieBox PRO Special Characteristics ?

  • Small in size
  • Load up in few seconds
  • `Updating in every second with refreshing
  • All movies and TV shows are downloadable and online watching ability also available
  • Moviebox PRO VIP version also available
  • Downloading speed high more than other applications and other websites

Therefore we recommend to use this application on your device and all security status have been tighten up with a high security level.Users privacy will be protected by a talented security team .

Supporting Devices

  • Android smart phones,Tab,Android TV
  • Apple iOS running iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch devices


  • Minimum RAM(Optional)
  • Minimum free space 24MB(Optional)
  • Speed internet connection

No need to download CotoMovies

  • User ID
  • Password
  • Your Personnel Information
  • Credit card details

So we suppose we given enough information about your search query and it will help you to fulfill your target as well.If you have any problem,please contact our team and get a worth solution in few minutes indeed.Thank you for touching with us.