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What is 3uTools and is it safe to install it?

Hello there! Are you looking for an app to manage apps, multimedia files, ringing tones, contacts and almost all the data in your iOS device? Although there are countless number of apps for the above purpose, its really hard to find a better one. 3uTools is one of the best such kind of data management tool and jailbreaking tool which can be downloaded and installed to your iOS device or to your PC for free. This software program  functions as a data manager to back up and restore data in your handheld device. Its 100% safe to install this software to your computer although it seems to be unsafe to download this after jailbreaking.This can be installed to PC computers with Microsoft Windows and to laptops with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. In order to ensure the security of your personal data, 3uTools has taken a variety of measures too. Once it is downloaded and installed to your PC computer, you just have to connect your handheld device to the PC using USB cable or WIFI network. If only the USB does not work, you will need a WIFI connection.

3uTools is awaiting on your iOS running iPhone/iPad with its tremendous free service.You can manage your iPhone/iPad with this tool.You can completely manipulate your iDevice with this tool.iOS jailbreaking and other functionalities you can done with 3uTools with a single click.So this tutorial guide will help you to get know somewhat about this tool’s services.Please refer this article and try to download and install this tool on your PC.You can use the download button below to direct download the installation package of this tool.

How to download and install 3UTools

  1. First, open any Web browser
  2. Then just type download 3uTools in the search bar and then click on the download button to download
  3. Once the  download is complete, click on the .exe file twice to run the Installation process
  4. Then follow the instructions provided during the installation process until the ‘finish’ button appears
  5. Finally you’ll see the 3UTool icon on your PC

In order to use 3uTools, you need to have the knowledge of jailbreaking. If it’s the first time that you are launching the software, you’ll have to connect your iOS device to a PC. When connected the tools detect the idevice and dashboard with a variety of features will be displayed.

When talking about the features of 3UTools, you’ll find there are many a features and let’s have a glance at two key functions of this buddy from this article.

 How to unlock a disabled iphone/ipad on 3 u tool?

If you enter a wrong passcode over and over again to your iOS device, your device will get locked and that state is called ‘device disabled’. When the device is in disabled state it won’t be able to use any longer. What if your ipad, iphone or ipod got disabled unexpectedly? How much will you become helpless and how much will you worry? But, if you are with 3uTools, the worry is over. 3uTools is there for you to backup your iOS device in no time as it offers its users with cool set of backup features. Although you won’t be able to restore the lost data, this tool will support you to convert your device back to functioning state. All you have to do is, following the following simple steps.

Step 1. When the device is in the disabled state, it cannot be connected to the PC. So it has to be put into the Recovery mode or DFU mode.

(To put into the Recovery mode press Home and Power button at the same time. Once the screen is dark, release the power button and then continue to press the Home button for about 10 seconds)

Step 2. Then connect your device to a PC using a genuine USB cable.

Step 3: Then click on “Flash& JB >Easy Flash”. Then the available firmware will be shown by the 3uTools automatically.

Step 4. Then select the necessary iOS firmware and click on “Flash”. After that 3uTools will automatically download this firmware and flash your iOS device. If you have already downloaded a firmware, click on “Import>Flash”.

Please keep in mind not to check “Retain user data” during the flashing process. If it’s done your device would still be in the disabled state even after the flashing process is completed.

Step 5. Then, wait until the flashing process is completed. Make sure that the connection between your iOS device and your PC is strong. Once the flashing process is completed, your device will automatically turn on.

Step 6.  After the device is restarted, you’ll be able to manually activate it or you can click on “Pro Flash>Activate” to activate your device.

How to Jailbreak iphone/ipad?

Before paying attention to the process of jailbreaking, first let’s make ourselves aware about what jailbreak means. It is the process of bypassing the restrictions programmed by the Apple and gaining full control of your device. Although jailbreaking is not illegal, it breaches Apple’s warranty. Once your device is jailbroken, you’ll be able to install a wide range of tweaked apps that are not available in the Apple apps store. But you have to make sure that the apps that you are going to download to your jailbroken device does not contain any malware since your device is no longer safeguarded by Apple created protection walls.

Above all the other features, the key functionality of 3uTools is, its jailbreaking capacity for Apple iOS devices. Before jailbreaking your device backup all important data. Following are the steps to jailbreak your iOS device correctly.

Step 1. Open 3uTools in your PC and connect your device to the PC     using a USB cable.

Step 2. Then go to Toolbox and find the “jailbreak” option and select it.

Step 3. Then the available Jailbreak tools will be displayed automatically in the Jailbreak interface and select the button ‘start jailbreak’ which is at the bottom of the page.

Step 4. Wait until the jailbreak tools installation process is completed by 3uTools. You’ll see “Jailbreak installed 100%”

Step 5. You’ll see the installed Jailbreak tools in your iOS device

Step 6.  Open the Jailbreak tool > go to settings > General > Profiles and management and finally tap on Trust

To sum up, 3uTools is one of the best alternative apps to manage data in your iOS device in well-organized manner. As we discussed in the article, this tool will help you to unlock a disabled iOS device and jailbreak a device. Apart from the above two features, 3uTools will be the solution to many more problems you come across when using your iOS device. Let’s meetup from another article which contains some other features of this app soon.

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