The Best vShare Alternative-Panda Helper.

Panda Helper is a third-party app store which is work great with iOS devices like iPhones, iPads and iPod touch device. First, you should download Panda Helper to your device.

We can recognize this application as the best vShare alternative application indeed.

If you are not able to download and install vShare on your device,please try this alternative instead of vShare.

So this application’s very advance features always provide a PRO experience.

Thus we invite for all vShare users to use this application to get an amazing experience as well as free apps and games for your joy.

Panda Helper Screenshots

Here are the steps you should follow to download the app.

step 1- First you can go to the panda Helper home page and download its iOS version. Then you can see a popup message appear on your screen. You can click allow on it.

step 2- When finishing the download go to setting then go to profile downloaded and pick panda helper from there.

step 3-Now you can click on the install button. Sometimes you may require to enter your password whenever ask for it. Then you can click on the install button as the final step to proceed.

When the process is completed you can see the Panda Helper icon on your Home Screen.

First of all, you can tap on the Panda Helper app on your Home Screen to open it. Then you can tap at the bottom of the screen. Then you can search any app or game you want to download. Finally, you just have to tap on install to begin the installation process of the selected app.

Here is what happens when Panda Helper not working on your iOS device.

Sometimes you may get some issues with when you are going to open the app. It doesn’t work. There is a process called Authenticate and Validate non-official apps to run on iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices. There is a certificate used to validate the app. You can resolve this problem easily by following the below steps.

step 1- First you can open the setting app on your device.

step 2- Then you can go to Profile & device management then scroll down to find the Panda Helper app profile.

step 3- Then you can tap on the profile of it and select trust on it.

step 4- Now you can see your app will run without any errors.  

When you install an app from any third-party app store it may not work as properly as from the official app store. You can overcome this problem with some little steps.  For that, you can follow these steps.

step 1- Put your iOS device on Airplane mode. You should make sure that the wifi connection should turn off at the same time.

step 2- Then you can go to the settings app and tap on the Safari.

step 3- Then you can tap on it and scroll down and tap on clear history and website data.

step 4- Now you can exit the setting app and turn off airplane mode.

step 5- Now you can open the installed app again and you should find everything works fine now.      


Panda Helper is the best ever third party app store that you can use for free.

This app store you can use as your vShare alternative.

Please use our downloading button to download and install this app store on your smart phone.

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