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Want to get vShare for your iPhone, iPad or iPod ? Yes, most of the iOS user are searching for vShare download for their devices. But, some peoples are disappointed because they are unable to find download link to get it directly on the idevice. They don’t have real idea about vShare Helper & vShare SE. You also confusing with these things? First of all we should clear up all varieties about the vShare apps store.

What is vShare app Store?

vShare is an alternative apps store that you can use on your iDevice or Android device. This apps store has been facilitated for the users to get any kind of preferred app for free. This apps store more useful for the idevice users, because Apple has restricted 3rd-party apps to download from out side the Official App Store.

What is vShare Helper ?

vShare Helper is the PC client application of vShare app store. You can download & install vShare Helper on windows computer for free. This application helps iOS users to install real vShare app (vShare SE) on iPhone, iPad or iPod devices. Please remember, vShare helper can not download on your idevice, it’s only the PC client software to install on your computer.

What is vShare SE ?

This is the real thing that download & install on the idevice. Actually, vShare SE app act as the application manager for idevice that allows user to find, download & install, delete any kind of apps from the vShare Store. You are unable to install vShare SE directly on your device. With a help of a PC installed on vShare Helper, you can installed vShare SE on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

So, now we are going to show you how to get vShare on your idevice proper & correct way effortlessly.  For Android users, can download vShare Android version more easier than the iOS users.

Download & Install vShare for iOS device


  • vShare Helper PC client – Download click here
  • A computer (Windows)
  • Compatible device (iPhone, iPad, iPod running iOS 7 – 10)
  • USB lightning cable
Step 01 : vShare Helper download & install

vShare Helper tool is the bridge that help to get vShare app store (vShare SE) on your idevice. So, first of all you should download and install vShare Helper PC client tool on your windows running computer.

  • Connect your idevice to computer using USB cable
  • Download vShare helper PC client latest version from the above link on to your PC
  • Double click on the downloaded vshare Helper setup file to install
  • Click on “One Key Installation“. Then vShare Helper will install on your computer
  • After installing vShare Helper on your computer, please just close the vShare helper
Step 02 : vShare apps store (vShare SE) download and install on your idevice
  • If you are done successfully with us now connect your iPhone or iPad into computer with USB cable
  • Open vShare Helper again on the computer & let it to detect your iPhone or iPad
  • Click on “Install vShare” in the bottom of the window. After installing 100%, you can find new vShare SE app in your iPad or iPhone homescreen.
  • That’s it. Open the vShare SE app on your device & find millions of resources to download for free..!

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