“Book of Unwritten Tales 2” Free Download On iDevices

Did you try to get “Book of Unwritten Tales 2” from apple’s apps store ?It’s cost was USD 4.99 isn’t it?If you are love to play this remarkable game on your idevice you can’t get it for free and easily as you wish.Okay guys today our efforts is ┬áto try get this game on your idevice for free.But we can’t ensure whether it will be succeeded or not.However lets try this.

Book of Unwritten Tales 2

Fantastic features

  • Multi-faceted adventure gameplay with 4 different characters
  • Atractive 3D graphics(even with older versions)
  • Fun special features such as side quests and costumes.
  • Full voice-over in English plus subtitles in Spanish,Italian & French.

System requirements

  • Requires at least iOS 8 & 1GB RAM.


  • Developed by FISHLABS.
  • Version 1
  • Size 2.77 GB
  • Compatible with iPhone,iPad, & iPod touch.
  • Language-English

Okay then we are done a lot of things so far about the Book of Unwritten Tales 2.It’s time to find out a way to get this game on your idevice for free.For try this we recommend two different ways.

  1. Cydia apps store(by jailbreak your device)
  2. vShare app store(with/without jailbreak your device)

Although we recommended above mentioned two ways the first one is not a easy way to try with the current situation.But second one will be a little bit easy to try.So first of all you have to get vShare apps store on your idevice.

Get vShare on your idevice

After getting vShare apps store on your idevice you can try to get this game from it.but we don’t ensure that you will be able to get this game from vShare.But you can try this.Because this is the way that you have remain to get The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 on your idevice for free.Good luck guys see you soon with an another way.

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